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My name is Dave Orchard, Oracle DBA and large scale database migration consultant, approaching the completion of my fifth major project doing this kind of work. This site is being steadily developed and my aim is to use it to present the range of skills and experience I have to offer, and to provide a resource for anyone working on large scale database migrations. I am developing lists of relevant links, papers, hints and tips and scripts, as well as posting to my blog.

I have worked in IT for over 20 years, mostly as an Oracle DBA, and in recent years have specialised in large scale database migrations, typically in the context of datacentre application infrastructure migration projects, service migrations or cloud migrations that involve moving hundreds or even thousands of databases.

I have successfully completed complex and large scale database migrations for high profile companies in the UK and around the world and I am currently supporting the migration of databases for Johnson and Johnson as part of a global migration project.

So what do I mean by a "Migration"? If you google "Oracle Migrations", as well as (hopefully) finding this website, you will invariably see "Migration" being used to mean a few different things: Oracle Migration Manager is all about migrating from a non-Oracle technology to Oracle and things like characterset conversions or Oracle Upgrades are also often referred to as a "Migration". My work encompasses all of these, but the main thrust of what I do is to move large numbers of databases from their existing environment(s) to some other environment(s).

Large scale database migrations are not easy to implement. Databases need to be moved accurately, fast and with minimal impact on the business. They typically involve new technology or technology upgrades, the adoption of new database and security standards and many organisations like to use the opportunity to reorganise the logical and physical configurations of their application databases.

At the same time there is a need for flexibility to respond to changing project timetables and scope and to handle unexpected technical challenges, such as migrating databases from de-supported or even obsolete legacy environments.

I developed and work with a database migration methodology which meets all of these requirements and which encompasses all of the great experience and knowledge I have acquired to date. My approach is based on using native Oracle tools and utilities, supplemented by third party tools where appropriate, and using a so-called factory process supported a comprehensive suite of script and document templates. This approach ensures high productivity, reliable and predictable planning and strong compliance with standards and policies.

That's me...

Oracle DBA with more years experience than you can shake a stick at, these days speclaising in Large Scale Database Migration Projects

  • Biggest Project: Migrating 5000 Oracle databases for Hewlett Packard (no, I didn't do them all myself!)
  • Most Interesting Project: Axa Japan (アクサジャパン) - Japanese subsidiary of a French Corporation, migrating from Australia to Singapore, in partnership with a Swiss-based Engineering Team; it doesnt get much more global than that!
  • Number of Oracle DBs migrated in my migration projects so far: ~6000 (and counting)
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